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ZRQSVP300 Direct-Q 3 UV Water Purification System

ZRQSVP300 Millipore

Direct-Q 3 UV Water Purification System from Millipore with built-in 185/ 254 nm UV lamp which serves to reduce the level of organics and destroy bacteria. System delivers pure (type 3) and ultrapure (type 1) water directly from the tap water for use in a wide variety of applications at a flow rate of 3 L/hr.

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The UV Lamp emits light at 185 nm and 254 nm. It is used to reduce the content of organic molecules in water. Low TOC water provides important benefits to HPLC users such as higher sensitivity and longer column life. TOC (with 185/254 nm UV lamp) <5 ppb. The same UV lamp also destroys bacteria. This dual wavelength UV lamp is a consumable item that must be replaced periodically during system maintenance.

Direct-Q 3 UV Water Purification System is available with built-in (6 L) or optionally external (30 L or 60 L) tanks and can be placed under or on a table or wall mounted.

The configuration can also include a dispenser option that offers you simple and convenient remote water delivery up to two meters from your system.

Please note: system requires accessories to make it operational.

Area of Application

  • Pure water (Type 3) produced by the Direct-Q Remote UV Water Treatment System is recommended for general lab applications such as preparing buffers and reagents or rinsing laboratory glassware.
  • Ultrapure water (Type 1) is used in analytical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture media, sample dissolution, etc.
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm, at 25°C
Production flow rate 3 L/h at 25 °C ±15%
Dimensions (H×W×D) 540×290×380 mm
Tank volume 6 L, Integrated tank
Brand Millipore

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