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SPR00SIA1 SmartPak DQ3 Purification Pack

SPR00SIA1 Millipore

For use with Direct-Q 3 water purification unit. This all-in-one pack removes a wide range of water contaminants (organic matter, ions, particles)

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SmartPak DQ3 Purification Pack for use with Direct-Q 3 water purification units is a universal dual cartridge containing three water purification technologies. The first cartridge combines a pretreatment medium (activated carbon and depth filter) and a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. The second cartridge contains ultrapure-grade mixed-bed ion exchange resin. The SmartPak cartridge is a consumable item that must be replaced periodically when servicing the system.

Flow rate > 0.5 L/min



Brand Millipore

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