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TANKMPK03 Vent Filter (1µm), 2 per box

TANKMPK03 Millipore

This Vent Filter protects pure water against airborne contaminants in 6 and 10 L internal storage tanks of Direct-Q and RiOs water purification units.

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This Vent Filter is designed to protect stored pure water from airborne particles or micro-organisms and contains an absolute membrane filter for particle and bacterial retention. This filter is placed on top of 6 L and 10 L internal storage tanks. 

As the tank empties, the air entering the tank is filtered through the vent filter. It is important that the tank is airtight by securing the lid and that a non-return valve is installed on the overflow tube. This forces the air to pass only through the vent filter, which greatly reduces atmospheric pollution entering the tank.

Pack contains two filters with the pore size of 1.0 µm. 

Brand Millipore

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