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ZRQS0R300 Direct-Q 3 Remote Water Purification System

ZRQS0R300 Millipore

Direct-Q 3 Remote Water Purification System from Millipore equipped with a remote dispenser that can be placed up to two meters away from the system. Dispensers are available for freestanding or wall-mounted models. The system produces up to 40 L/Day with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ·cm, at 25°C.

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The Direct-Q Remote Water Purification System requires no special installation. You can easily set it up yourself: just connect the system to your tap water supply, plug it in, and insert the purification cartridges. Follow the simple procedures to set up the remote dispenser and your system is ready to use!

Dispenser overview: The DISPENSING BUTTON is used to get Product Water. The DISPLAY is used to monitor the water quality and system status. The KEYPAD is used to access operating functions and system settings.

Area of Application

  • Pure water (Type 3) produced by the Direct-Q Remote UV Water Treatment System is recommended for general lab applications such as preparing buffers and reagents or rinsing laboratory glassware.
  • Ultrapure water (Type 1) is used in analytical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture media, sample dissolution, etc.

Key features of Direct-Q 3 Remote

  • The compact all-in-one water purifier allows you to place it virtually anywhere in your lab, whether it be on or under a workbench or on a wall.
  • Provides you with a convenient and flexible solution for obtaining pure and ultrapure water directly from potable tap water.
  • Perfect for your lab - the remote dispenser can be placed up to two meters from the system. 
  • Water quality parameters (resistivity or conductivity, temperature) are clearly indicated on bright color display
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm, at 25°C
Production flow rate 3 L/h at 25 °C ±15%
Dimensions (H×W×D) 540×290×380 mm
Tank volume 6 L, Integrated tank
Brand Millipore

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