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2660549 Stablcal Turbidity Standard 800 NTU, 500 mL

2660549 Hach

Stabilised Formazine Primary Standard Solution for turbidimeter.

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Stablcal Turbidity Standard is required for calibration of the turbidimeter. The standard has the following capacity: 500 mL. Stabilised Formazine Primary Standard Solution has the following NTU concentration: 800 NTU. The solution is designed to be used with TL23, TU52, 2100Q, 2100N and 2100AN series turbidity meter. Ready-to-use Standard Solution contains the equivalent light scattering polymer as conventional Formazin Primary Turbidity Standards providing equal results.

Procedure for infrequently used StablCal Turbidity Standards

This process applies to standards that have been in use for more than a week or to recently received standards.

For bulk solution standards: Mix the content of the bottle for 2-3 minutes. Let the standard to settle down for a few minutes. Invert 2-3 times before filling the sample cell with the standard. Use the bulk standard to rinse the sample cell. Remove any optical deviations on the sample cell. Add the standard to the sample cell, cap the sample cell and the bulk solution.

For bulk solution and sample cell standards: Additionally to the abovementioned procedure, invert the content of the sample cell 2-3 times. Allow the sample settle down for a few minutes. The sample cell containing the standard is now ready for the analysis.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the solution from 5 to 25 ˚C. It is not required to put used standard from the sample cells back in the original container.

Brand Hach
Parameter Turbidity
Concentration 800 NTU
Instrument TL23, TU52, 2100Q, 2100N, 2100AN
Quantity 500ml

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