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2660542 Stablcal Turbidity Standard 800 NTU, 100 mL

2660542 Hach

Stabilised Formazine Primary Standard Solution for calibration of the turbidimeter.

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Stablcal Turbidity Standard is required for calibration purposes. The standard is packaged in 100 mL bottle. The concentration of the solution is 800 NTU. Stabilised Formazine Primary Standard Solution is compatible with TL23, TU52, 2100Q, 2100N and 2100AN.

Procedure for frequently used StablCal Turbidity Standards

This process applies to standards that are used daily or weekly.

For bulk solution standards: Mix the standard by inverting 10 times. Oil and index the sample cell to remove any optical deviations. Invert 2-3 times before adding the standard into the sample cell. Rinse the sample cell at least once with the bulk standard solution. Fill and close the sample cell.

For bulk solution and sample cell standards: Additionally to the aforementioned procedure, leave the sample cell for 2-3 minutes. The sample cell is now prepaired for the analysis.

Storage conditions

Keep standards at the temperature range from 5 ˚C to 25 ˚C. Refrigerate the standard for long-term storage at the temperature of 5 ˚C. Allow the solution to adjust to ambient instrument temperature before usage.

Brand Hach
Parameter Turbidity
Concentration 800 NTU
Instrument TL23, TU52, 2100Q, 2100N, 2100AN
Quantity 100ml

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