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183400 Chromium Color Disc Test Kit, Model CH-8

183400 Hach

For chromium hexavalent analysis in water samples from cooling towers and engine cooling systems.

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Chromium Color Disc Test Set measures the concentration of chromium hexavalent in the range of 0 - 1.3 mg/L Cr⁶+ in water samples from cooling towers and engine cooling systems. The set uses Color Disc/ Diphenylcarbazide method. Model CH-8 can be used to conduct 100 tests. The smallest increment is 0.1 mg/L Cr⁶+.

Chromium Color Disc Test Set contains:

  • ChromaVer® 3 Chromium Reagent Powder Pillows (p/n 1271099)
  • Chromium Color Disc, indoor light, 0-1.3 mg/L (p/n 9265300)
  • Chromium Color Disc, outdoor light, 0-1.3 mg/L (p/n 9267400)
  • Color Comparator Box (p/n 173200)
  • 18 mm Glass Viewing Tubes (p/n 173006)
  • Stoppers for 18-mm Glass Tubes and AccuVac Ampuls (p/n 173106)

Procedure for Cr⁶+ evaluation

Before you start take into account the following:

  • Multiply the testing results by 2.23 to record the value as mg/L CrO₄²-.
  • Multiply the testing results by 3.12 to record the value as mg/L Na₂CrO₄.
  • Make 1:50 dilution of 50-mg/L chromium hexavalent standard solution to prepare 1-mg/L Cr6+ standard solution and use to control the test accuracy.
  • The indoor color disc is designed for use under fluorescent lighting conditions. Use the outdoor light color disc when the light source is sunlight.

Testing procedure

Fill two tubes to the 5 mL line with sample. Insert the first tube into the left opening of the color comparator box. Add the content of ChromaVer 3 Chromium Reagent Powder Pillow to the second tube, set the stopper and shake to mix, as a result of the reaction purple color will develop. Wait 5 minutes, the result should be read within 20 minutes. Install the tube with pretreated sample into the color comparator box. While holding the color comparator box in front of the light, rotate the disk to find a color match. Perform the analysis of the testing results in mg/L in the scale window.

Brand Hach
Parameter Chromium Hexavalent
Measuring range 0 - 1.3 mg/L Cr⁶+
Smallest Increments Steps 0.1
Method Color Disc/ Diphenylcarbazide method
Model CH-8
Number of tests 100 tests

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