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1421300 Copper (Free) Color Disc Test Kit, Model CU-5

1421300 Hach

Required for free copper measurement in water samples.

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Copper (Free) Color Disc Test Kit is required for free copper evaluation in the range of 0 - 4 mg/L Cu in water samples. Color Disc/Bicinchoninate method is used to conduct free copper analysis. Model CU-5 can be used for 100 samples. The smallest increment is 0.1 mg/L Cu.

CU-5 Test Set contains:

Procedure for Cu determination

Before starting analysis:

  • Use sunlight or lamp as the source of light to match the color with the color comparator box.
  • Rinse tubes with sample before the analysis.
  • Rinse tubes with deionized water after the analysis.

Testing procedure

Add 5 mL of sample into two tubes. Place the first tube into the left opening of the color comparator box. Pour the content of CuVer 1 Copper Reagent Powder Pillow into the second tube, set the stopper and invert to mix. The purple color develops as the result of the reaction. After 2 minutes, insert the second tube into the color comparator box. Rotate the color disc to identify the matching color. Read the testing results in mg/L in the scale window. 

Brand Hach
Parameter Copper Free
Measuring range 0 - 4 mg/L Cu
Smallest Increments Steps 0.1
Method Color Disc/Bicinchoninate method
Model CU-5
Number of tests 100 tests

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