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PUMA 2600Y II 4-Axis Turning Center


Thanks to its integrated Y-axis and integral drive spindles, the PUMA 2600Y II lets you handle the part from beginning to end on one machine.

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A turning center PUMA 2600Y II is used primarily for processing parts by cutting (turning) workpieces made of metals and other materials in the form of rotation bodies, where the main movement is the rotation of the part.

It differs from the horizontal lathe by the presence of movement of the tool turret along the Y axis, which allows milling operations to be carried out on the machine as well.

The Puma 2600 YII turning center is a 4-axis horizontal tilt-bed CNC turning center that controls 4 axes X, Y, Z, C. A CNC lathe (CNC - computerized numerical control) has a control in which the program is specified in the form of an array of information recorded on some medium. Control information for CNC systems is discrete, and its processing in the control process is carried out by digital methods.

The turning center is equipped with strong telescopic guides for effective removal of chips from the machine. It also minimizes heat generation from the chips, which could otherwise adversely affect the base of the machine. Less thermal expansion means fewer mistakes on your part.

The main operations when working on a lathe are turning and boring of cylindrical, conical and shaped surfaces, threading, trimming and end processing, drilling, countersinking and reaming holes, etc. The workpiece receives rotation from the spindle, the cutter moves on the tool turret sled.



  • Main Spindle Std Chuck - 254 mm (10")
  • Main Spindle Max Chuck - 254 mm (10")
  • Max Turn Length - 760 mm
  • Max Turn Diameter - 376 mm
  • Bar Capacity - 81 mm


  • Guideway Type - Box way
  • X Axis Rapid Traverse - 30 m/min
  • Z Axis Rapid Traverse - 30 m/min
  • Y Axis Rapid Traverse - 394 ipm
  • Swing Over Bed  - 780 mm (680 mm)


  • Main Spindle Power - 22 kW
  • Spindle RPM - 4,000 RPM
  • Spindle Torque - 599 Nm
  • Spindle Bore - 91 mm
  • Draw Tube ID - 82 mm
  • Spin Axis Contour Torque - 599 Nm


  • Tool Mount Type - BMT-65
  • Turret Stations - 12
  • Rotary Tool RPM - 5,000 RPM
  • Rotary Tool Motor - 7.5 kW


  • Machine Height - 2,159 mm
  • Machine Length - 3,607 mm
  • Machine Width - 1,905 mm
  • Machine Weight - 6,550 kg

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