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The municipality of Bielefeld approved the installation of the Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV system

The city of Bielefeld in Germany provides municipal utilities for around 330,000 German citizens. The municipality of the city traditionally used chlorine dioxide to treat Legionella bacteria and algae blooms in cooling water from generators, oil coolers and sampling coolers. With the new regulations governing the control of microbiology and guidelines for plant operation, the municipality of Bielefeld approved the installation of the Atlantium Hydro-Optic (HOD) UV treatment system to reduce biofilm and prevent the growth and spread of Legionella. According to the microbiological results, sampling and analysis performed by accredited laboratory, Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV system significantly reduced bacteria concentration and eliminated Legionella in the water.

Atlantium Technologies produces and supplies innovative and reliable water treatment solutions that contribute to healthy ecosystem and positively affect public health. Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV treatment system provides efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment exposing bacteria, viruses and protozoa to the germicidal wavelengths of the UV light. High intensity medium pressure UV lamps produce high-density broad-spectrum UV light inactivating microorganisms (e.g. algae, adenovirus, IPN) and destroying their proteins and enzymes to achieve permanent microbial inactivation.

Atlantium HOD UV technology evaluates %UVT, flow rate, UV lamp intensity and UV apparatus in real time to adjust the required UV dose. Total Internal Reflection (TIR) recycles the UV light energy in the Hydro-Optic UV chamber. High-quality quartz water disinfection chamber is engineered to recycle the energy of the UV light photons.