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Only one years left before the introduction of the IMO BWMC D2 standard!

In 2024, all ships will have to comply with the new IMO BWMC D2 standard. Purestream BWMS from Atlantium Technologies, the world leader in water treatment, complies with the most stringent regulations and brings years of water treatment experience to your BWMS. Purestream offers a fast, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution to meet new standards in ballast water treatment. When using One Pass, only one treatment during ballasting is required to meet IMO requirements. There is no need to purify water during deballasting. That saves you time and energy.

Atlantium Technologies service offices are located all over the world and as the representative of Atlantium Technologies in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, we are always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information by calling at +371-2660-4282.