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New BWMC regulations in 2024

The countdown has begun! We remind you that there are only 12 months left to ensure that the shipping fleet complies with provisions of the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC). New regulations state that starting from 2024, ballast water is required to be cleared before it is going to be dumped at a new location. But how can you be sure your BWMS is doing its job?

Drawing on our experience in water treatment that successfully treats invasive species, Atlantium Technologies has developed Purestream Ballast Water Management System. This innovative BWMS is a functional and environmentally friendly solution that meets the most stringent requirements. Purestream Ballast Water Treatment System inactivates microorganisms, viruses and bacteria in the harshest water conditions meeting IMO and USCG Type Approval. Purestream One-Pass treatment is a unique BWMS technology that purifies sea water, fresh water and brackish water in a single pass, significantly reducing the overall power consumption and increasing the system efficiency.

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