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Hach Introduced New LCK540 for Nitrate Evaluation

Hach announces the new LCK540 reagent set for the accurate and reliable nitrate measurement in the range between 15-150 mg/L NO₃-N and 66-664 mg/L NO3. The product provides safe and error-free dosing of reagents.

Cuvette test LCK540 uses 2.6-dimethylphenol method (ISO 7890-1-2-1986, DIN 38405 D9-2 according to standard). Each package may be used to test a total of 25 liquid and soil samples.

LCK540 reagent set may be evaluated on the Hach spectrophotometers DR1900, DR3900 and DR6000. For the automatic recognition in the aforementioned instruments and Truecal calibration use barcode label printed on each cuvette.

Hach LCK540 method description

LCK540 test is manufactured for fast and convenient nitrate analysis in wastewater, drinking water, raw water, surface water, soils, substrates and nutrient solution samples without dilution. 0.1 mL sample and 1.0 mL solution A must be pipetted in the cuvette, inverted a few times and tested after 15 minutes using the aforementioned Hach spectrophotometers. Nitrate ions containing sulphuric and phosphoric acids react with 2.6-dimethylphenol to form 4-nitro-2.6-dimethylphenol. The water or soil sample may be used only if the COD is less than 2000 mg/L. Interferences with nitrite, chloride and calcium concentrations may be removed by adding amidosulphonic acid, silver sulphate and EDTA, respectively. For more detailed information on analysis steps please refer to documentation.

The recommended storage temperature is 15-25 °C (59-77 °F). The required pH level of the water sample must be between 3-10 pH. The recommended temperature of the water or soil sample and reagents should be between 20-24 °C (68-75 °F).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or simply order new Hach LCK540 reagent set at our website.