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Double Seam System GT

GT Metop

Double Seam System for beverage and food can quality control.

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Double Seam System GT is a portable computer system that is manufactured for the CTS and service engineers. The system provides high quality control of external and internal parameters. Metop can seam analyzer monitors the can height, countersink depth, seam height and seam thickness from the outside of the package. The system performs the internal analysis of end hook, body hook, overlap, seam gap and calculated body hook butting. Metop high-quality measuring system is equipped with user-friendly Winseam 5.0 software and integrated database. Double Seam System GT can be transported in the light-weight service case. The system is designed, produced and tested at the Metop factory.

Double Seam System GT includes:

Main features:

  • Fully equipped portable computer system
  • High Swedish quality
Brand Metop

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