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Double Seam System 100F

100F Metop

Double Seam System for food can quality control.

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Double Seam System 100F is the smallest computer system for food can quality monitoring, developed for customers with small production lines. The system controls countersink depth and seam thickness on the outer surface of the package. Metop quality control analyzer measures the following internal parameters: seam height, end hook, body hook, overlap, seam gap and calculated body hook butting. Winseam 5 Lite installed in the system is the light version of the Winseam 5.0 software. Double Seam System 100F monitors the information about the aforementioned external and internal parameters and highlights all critical errors. Metop high-quality measuring system features "Plug and Play" function that allows to start the system in just a few minutes.

Double Seam System 100F includes:

Main features:

  • Fully equipped computer with screen and all required parts
  • Toolbox
  • High Swedish quality

Procedure for seam evaluation

Firstly, measure the thickness of the seam. Secondly, estimate the counter sink of the end. Thirdly, use the seam saw to cut the can. Finally, inspect the inner side of the seam with the vision software and evaluate the seam height, end hook, body hook, overlap, seam gap and calculated body hook butting.

Brand Metop

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