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100003 Acetonitrile for Analysis EMSURE® ACS, Ph Eur-reagent

1000031000 Merck

Acetonitrile (methyl cyanide) is a solvent which suitable for a broad spectrum of classical lab applications, and due to its grade is frequently used in regulated and highly demanding lab applications. CAS number: 75-05-8

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Acetonitrile synonyms: ACN, Methyl cyanide, Ethyl nitrile, Cyanomethane

1000031000 Glass bottle, 1 L
1000032500 Glass bottle, 2.5 L
1000034000 Glass bottle, 4 L
1000036010 Drum stainl. st. 10 L
1000036025 Drum stainl. st. 25 L
Chemical type Solvents
Brand Merck
Pack size 1 L, 25 L, 2.5 L, 4 L, 10 L

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