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LCK342 Nitrite Cuvette Test, 0.6-6.0 mg/L NO₂-N

LCK342 Hach

LCK Reagent Set measures nitrite in wastewater, drinking water, table water, surface water, mineral water and and process analysis.

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LCK342 Cuvette test measures 0.6-6.0 mg/L NO₂-N and 2-20 mg/L NO₂ in wastewater, drinking water and other liquids. The product uses diazotisation method (EN ISO 26777, DIN 38405 D10). LCK reagent set can be used for 25 tests. LCK342 reagent kit is compatible with the following Hach instruments: DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000.

Use personal protective equipment during sample analysis. Unscrew the cap after removing the foil and pipet 0.2 mL of sample. Screw the cap back onto the cuvette in the upside-down position and shake the cuvette content until the freeze-dried particles are completely dissolved. After 10 minutes, invert the cuvette few times and insert it the cuvette into the cell holder. Nitrites enter into reaction with primary aromatic amines in acidic solution to form diazonium salts. These salts combine with aromatic compounds that contain an amino group or a hydroxyl group to form intensively colored azo dyes. Chromium(VI) and Copper(II) ions interfere with the determination. For this reason, the measurement results should be subjected to plausibility checks. It is recommended to refer to the Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) for disposal information of the unused reagents.

In order to receive accurate testing results between sampling and analyzing not more than 3 hours should pass. Conservation of the sample is not recommended. The sample must be transported in either glass or polyethylene vessel. LCK342 reagent kit storage conditions are between 15 °C and 25 °C.

Brand Hach
Parameter Nitrite
Measuring range 0.6-6.0 mg/L NO₂-N
Measuring range (2): 2-20 mg/L NO₂
Instrument DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000
Method Diazotisation method
Standard method EN ISO 26777, DIN 38405 D10
Digestion required No
Number of tests 25 tests
Storage conditions 15 °C - 25 °C

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