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LCK333 Nonionic Surfactants Cuvette Test, 0.2-6.0 mg/L TRITON x 100

LCK333 Hach

LCK Reagent Set measures nonionic surfactants in waste water, surface water, formulations, degreasing baths, wash solutions and process analysis.

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LCK333 Cuvette test measures 0.2-6.0 mg/L TRITON x 100 in waste water, surface water and other liquids. Article LCK333 can be used for 25 tests. 13mm LCK333 reagent kit can be evaluated on DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000.

Procedure for Nonionic Surfactants measurement

Firstly, pipet 2.5 mL of waste water, surface water or other liquid sample, close the cuvette and mix intensively by holding the cuvette between thumb and index finger for 2 minutes. Secondly, leave the cuvette to stand vertically for the phase separation to finish. Please keep in mind that the phase separation may take several hours if the cuvette is shaken too vigorously. Finally wipe the cuvette and insert into the cell holder of photometer.

Summary of method

Nonionic surfactants (ethoxylates with 3–20 ether bridges) are reacting with the indicator TBPE to form complexes that are extracted in dichloromethane and photometrically evaluated using the aforementioned DR series spectrophotometers. The result of the measurement is expressed as concentration of standard surfactant with 10 ethoxy bridges as mg/L TRITON x 100.

Sample preparation

Storage conditions of the LCK333 Cuvette test are between 15 °C and 25 °C.

Brand Hach
Parameter Nonionic Surfactants
Measuring range 0.2-6.0 mg/L TRITON x 100
Instrument DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000
Method TBPE method
Digestion required No
Number of tests 25 tests
Storage conditions 15 °C - 25 °C

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