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LCK311 Chloride Cuvette Test, 1-70 mg/L Cl

LCK311 Hach

LCK Reagent Set measures chloride in wastewater, drinking water, surface water, boiler feed water, process analysis and structural concrete.

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LCK311 Cuvette test (13mm) measures 1-70 mg/L Cl and 70-1000 mg/L Cl in wastewater, drinking water, surface water and other liquids. The product uses iron(III)-thiocyanate method. Article LCK311 can be used to conduct 24 tests. The product can be evaluated on DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000.

Before you start take into account the following:

  • Silver and mercury can cause low-bias results.
  • Bromides and iodides in the mineral waters may cause high-bias results.

Procedure for Cl analysis

Add 1.0 mL of sample in the cuvette using pipette to conduct the measurement in the range between 1 and 70 mg/L Cl. Pipet 0.1 mL of wastewater, drinking water or other liquid sample to evaluate chloride in the range from 70 to 1000 mg/L Cl. Close and invert the cuvette several times. Insert the zero cuvette into the cell holder, select the test and push ZERO. Remove the zero cuvette and evaluate the cuvette with the sample.

Summary of method

Chloride ions react with mercury thiocyanate forming the slightly dissociated mercury(II) chloride. Equivalent amount of thiocyanate ions are set free that enter into reaction with iron(III) salts forming iron(III) thiocyanate.

Sample preparation

The wastewater, drinking water, surface water or other liquid sample containing chloride, may be preserved for up to 1 month. LCK311 reagent kit must be stored in refrigerated condition at the temperature between 2 °C and 8 °C.

Brand Hach
Parameter Chloride
Measuring range 1-70 mg/L Cl
Measuring range (2): 70-1000 mg/L Cl
Instrument DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 and DR5000
Method Iron(III)-Thiocyanate method
Digestion required No
Number of tests 24 tests
Storage conditions 2 °C - 8 °C (refrigerated)

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