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98399 Citrate Buffer Powder Pillows, 0.1-20.0 mg/L Mn

98399 Hach

Buffer Powder Pillows measure manganese in water and wastewater.

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Buffer Powder Pillows measure manganese in the range of 0.1-20.0 mg/L Mn in water and wastewater. Article 2107669 uses periodate oxidation method (8034). Each product package can be used to evaluate up to 100 samples. Each Powder Pillow can be used for 25mL sample analysis.

Procedure for Mn evaluation

Start program 295 Manganese, HR to analyze the collected sample. Prepare the sample cell (see manual for additional information regarding sample preparation). Prepare the blank cell using 10mL of water and wastewater sample. Thoroughly clean the outside of each cell, install in the instrument and assess testing results. The recommended measurement wavelength is 525nm (for spectrophotometers) or 520nm (for colorimeters). Conduct accuracy check using either standard additions method or standard solution method.

Sample preparation

Collect the sample using acid-washed plastic container. It is not recommended to use glass vessel. Adjust the sample pH with concentrated nitric acid to pH<2 and store at room temperature to preserve the sample for later analysis.

Brand Hach
Parameter Manganese
Measuring range 0.1-20.0 mg/l Mn
Method Periodate Oxidation method
Standard method 8034
Digestion required No
Number of tests 100 tests

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