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96299 UniVer 3 Hardness Reagent Powder Pillows 0-400 mg/L CaCO₃

96299 Hach

Reagent Powder Pillows measure total hardness in water and other liquids.

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Reagent Powder Pillows measure 0-400 mg/L CaCO₃ in water and other liquids. Article 96299 uses EDTA Titration method. Each package has 100 Reagent Powder Pillows that are packed in foil for stability and unit dose operation.

Before starting analysis:

  • It is recommended to read safety information and expiration date printed on the package.
  • It is required to use the personal protective equipment.

Procedure for CaCO₃ evaluation

Firstly, add the sample in the measuring tube. Secondly, transfer the sample in the mixing bottle. Thirdly, add UniVer 3 Hardness Reagent Powder Pillow and pipet Hardness 3 Titrant Solution until the color changes from pink to blue. Finally, multiply the total amount of drops by 20 to receive the testing results in mg/L. It is required to use standard solution as the sample, to verify the accuracy of the measuring results.

Brand Hach
Measuring range 0-400 mg/L CaCO₃
Method EDTA Titration method
Number of tests 100 tests

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