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2805145 Monochloramine Cuvette Test, 0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl₂

2805145 Hach

Test 'N Tube Reagent Set measures monochloramine in chloraminated drinking water and chlorinated wastewater.

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16 mm high range Test 'N Tube Cuvette test measures 0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl₂ in chloraminated drinking water and chlorinated wastewater. The product uses indophenol method (10172). Article 2805145 can be used to evaluate up to 50 samples. The product can be evaluated on all instruments except DR 900 and PC II.

Before starting analysis:

  • It is recommended to collect the sample using clean glass bottles.
  • The chloraminated drinking water and chlorinated wastewater sample must be evaluated instantly after collection and cannot be conserved for later analysis.
  • Measure the reagent blank value for each reagent lot to receive error-free testing results.

Procedure for O₂ evaluation

Start program 67 (Monochloramine HR TNT). Pipet 2.0 mL of sample to the vial and mix the vial content. Install the instrument cap on the DR900 cell holder, insert the vial in the instrument and select ZERO. Pour the content of Monochlor F powder pillow and stir the vial for 20 seconds. After 5 minutes, put the vial in the cell holder and evaluate testing results. The required measurement wavelength is 655 nm (for spectrophotometers) and 610 nm (for colorimeters).

Summary of method

Monochloramine enters into reaction with substituted phenol in the presence of cyanoferrate catalyst forming intermediate monoimine compound. The intermediate couples with excess substituted phenol forming green color indophenol proportional to the amount of monochloramine present in the collected sample.

Brand Hach
Parameter Monochloramine
Measuring range 0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl₂
Instrument All except DR 900 and PC II
Method Indophenol method
Standard method 10172
Digestion required No
Number of tests 50 tests

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