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2751340 Quantab Chloride Test Strips, 300-6000 ppm Cl⁻

2751340 Hach

Test strips for determining the content of high range chlorides in the laboratory and in the field.

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Quantab Chloride Test Strips measures high range chloride 300-6000 ppm Cl⁻ (0.05-1.0 % NaCl) for laboratory and field analysis. Dip the strip in the sample and compare the length of the colour change to the printed scale. The product uses Titration Strip method. Article 2751340 may be used to analyze 40 samples. The smallest increments steps are in the range of 100-200 ppm. Test Strips are compatible with other Hach instruments and meters.

Brand Hach
Parameter Chloride
Measuring range 300-6000 ppm Cl⁻
Smallest Increments Steps 100-200 ppm increments
Method Titration Strip method
Number of tests 40 tests

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