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2714600 Stablcal ULR Verification Kit, 100 mL

2714600 Hach

Stablcal Verification Kit for turbidimeter.

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Stablcal Verification Set is required for low range turbidity verification. The set contains four sealed vials, sililcone oil and oiling cloth. The capacity of each vial is 100 mL with NTU concentrations of 0.10, 0.30, 0.50 and 1.0 NTU. It is required to read safety instructions and expiration date printed on the bottle. It is recommended to use protective gear for safety purposes.

Procedure for infrequently used StablCal Turbidity Standards

This process is applicable to standards that have been in use for more than a week or to new standards received from the manufacturer. 

For bulk solution standards: Invert the standard for several minutes before opening the seal on the bottle. Allow the standard to stabilize for 5 minutes. Invert a few times before adding the standard into the sample cell. Use the bulk standard to rinse the sample cell. Eliminate any optical deviations on the sample cell. Fill the sample cell with the standard, cap the sample cell and the bulk solution.

For bulk solution and sample cell standards: In addition to the aforementioned procedure, invert the sample cell a few times and let the sample to settle down for 2-3 minutes. The sample cell is now ready for the measurement.

Storage conditions

Store the standard at the temperature in the range from 5 ˚C to 25 ˚C. Refrigerate the standard for long-term storage at 5 ˚C. Allow the standard to acclimate to ambient instrument temperature before using.

Brand Hach
Parameter Turbidity
Concentration 0.10, 0.30, 0.50, 1.0 NTU
Quantity Set of 4/pk

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