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2651700 Manganese Reagent Set, 0.006-0.700 mg/L Mn

2651700 Hach

Manganese Reagent Set measures manganese in water and wastewater.

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Article 2651700 measures cobalt 0.006-0.700 mg/L Mn in water and wastewater. The product uses PAN method (8149). Manganese Reagent Set can be used to conduct evaluation of 50 tests. The product is compatible with all Hach spectrophotometers or colorimeters except DR820, DR850, DR2000 and DR3000.

Manganese Reagent Set includes:

Before starting analysis:

  • Clean all labware with 1:1 (50%) nitric acid solution and rinse in deionized water.
  • Digest the sample with heat and acid to analyze all forms of the metal.
  • Adjust the pH to 4-5 using 5 N sodium hydroxide solution before analysis.

Procedure for Mn determination

Start Program 290 Manganese, LR PAN to evaluate manganese in the range from 0.006 to 0.700 mg/L Mn. Prepare the blank by filling the cell with 10 mL deionized water. Prepare the sample by pouring 10 mL sample in the another cell. After that add Ascorbic Acid Powder Pillow to each cell, install the stopper and invert the content of each cell. Pipet 12 drops of Alkaline Cyanide Reagent Solution and swirl each cell. Add 12 drops of PAN Indicator Solution and invert cells several times. After 2 minutes, install the blank in the cell holder and press ZERO. Remove the blank cell, insert the sample cell in the instrument and select READ.

Summary of method

The ascorbic acid reagent reduces all oxidized forms of manganese to Mn2+. The alkaline-cyanide reagent masks potential interferences. PAN Indicator forms the orange-colored complex with Mn2+ and should be evaluated using spectrophotometer.

Sample preparation

It is required to adjust the sample pH to less than 2 using concentrated nitric acid to preserve samples for later analysis. It is recommended to store the sample at the room temperature for up to 6 months. 

Brand Hach
Parameter Manganese
Measuring range 0.006-0.700 mg/L Mn
Instrument All except DR820, DR850, DR2000 and DR3000
Method PAN method
Standard method 8149
Digestion required Yes, for Total Manganese
Number of tests 50 tests

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