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2603300 Copper Reagent Set, 1-210 µg/L Cu

2603300 Hach

Silica Reagent Set measures copper in water, wastewater and seawater.

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Article 2603300 measure copper in the range of 1-210 µg/L Cu in water, wastewater and seawater. The product uses porphyrin method (8143). Each package of the Copper Reagent Set can be used to conduct evaluation of 100 tests. The product is compatible with the following DR series spectrophotometers: DR890, DR2700, DR2800, DR3900 and DR6000.

Silica Reagent Set includes:

Before starting analysis:

  • It is required to collect the sample with glass or plastic containers cleaned with 6 N (1:1) hydrochloric acid and rinsed with deionized water.
  • It is recommended to adjust the pH to 2-6 with 5 N sodium hydroxide solution, before evaluation.

Procedure for Cu determination

Start program 145 Copper, Porphyrin to evaluate the sample. Mix 10mL of water, wastewater or seawater sample and the content of Copper Masking Reagent Powder Pillow in the blank cell. After that prepare the sample cell (see manual for detailed information regarding preparation procedure). Pour the content of Porphyrin 2 Reagent Powder Pillow to each cell. Then swirl the cell content and start the instrument timer for 3 minutes. After that thoroughly clean the blank cell and evaluate with the instrument. Clean the sample cell, install in the cell holder and push READ. The recommended measurement wavelength is 425nm (for spectrophotometers) or 420nm (for colorimeters).

Summary of method

The porphyrin indicator forms yellow complex with any free copper. It is required to perform photometric assessment of the color change. 

Sample preparation

Adjust the sample pH to pH<2 using concentrated nitric acid to conserve the water, wastewater and seawater sample for up to 6 months.

Brand Hach
Measuring range 1-210 µg/L Cu
Instrument DR890, DR2700, DR2800, DR3900, DR6000, DR900, DR1900
Method Porphyrin method
Standard method 8143
Digestion required No
Number of tests 100 tests

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