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2515050 Dissolved Oxygen Accuvac Color Disc Test Kit, 0 - 15 mg/L O₂

2515050 Hach

Dissolved Oxygen Accuvac Set measures dissolved oxygen in water samples.

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Dissolved Oxygen Accuvac Kit provides you with a simple way for dissolved oxygen determination in the range of 0 - 15 mg/L O₂ in water samples, by Color Disc/HRDO method. Dissolved Oxygen Accuvac Set can be used for 25 tests with the smallest increment of 0.2 mg/L O₂. The kit uses an inexpensive color disc method to provide fast and accurate dissolved oxygen measurement results with minimal effort.

Dissolved Oxygen Accuvac Set contains:

  • High Range Dissolved Oxygen AccuVac® Ampul (p/n 2515025)
  • AccuVac® Ampul Snapper (p/n 2405200)
  • 100 mL Polypropylene Beaker (p/n 108042)
  • AccuVac® Color Comparator Box (p/n 173250)
  • Dissolved Oxygen Color Disc, 0-15 mg/L (p/n 9266100)
  • 10-mL Round Sample Cell, 25 mm x 54 mm (p/n 2122800)

Procedure for O₂ analysis

Before you start take into account the following:

  • Measure the sample instantly after collection.
  • Place the cap on the ampule before the ampule is removed from the sample to prevent contamination from atmospheric oxygen. 
  • Undissolved reagent has no effect on test accuracy.

Test procedure

Add 10 mL sample into the sample cell. Install the sample cell into the left opening of the color comparator box. Place ampul snapper into the beaker containing 40 mL of sample. Invert AccuVac Ampul, insert the ampule in the snapper and push down to break and fill the ampule. Fill ampule cap with sample. Keeping the ampule inverted, instantly put the cap on the tip of the ampule and shake for 30 seconds. After 2 minutes, the purple color appears if the sample contains dissolved oxygen. Shake the ampule again. Install the ampule into the color comparator box, rotate the color disc to match the color and analyze the testing results in mg/L in the scale window.

Brand Hach
Parameter Oxygen Dissolved
Measuring range 0 - 15 mg/L O₂
Smallest Increments Steps 0.2
Method Color Disc/HRDO method
Number of tests 25 tests

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