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2449400 Molybdenum Reagent Set, 0.02-3.00mg/L Mo

2449400 Hach

Molybdenum Reagent Set measures molybdenum in boiler and cooling tower waters.

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Molybdenum Reagent Set measures molybdenum in the range from 0.02 to 3.00mg/L Mo in boiler and cooling tower waters. The product uses Ternary Complex method (8169). Article 2449400 may be used to perform analysis of 100 samples. The product is compatible with all Hach spectrophotometers or colorimeters except DR820, DR2000 and DR3000. Molybdenum Reagent Set can be used for 20mL sample evaluation.

Molybdenum Reagent Set includes:

Before starting analysis:

  • It is required to collect the sample in clean glass or plastic containers.
  • It is recommended to filter the sample turbidity with filter paper and funnel.
  • It is necessary to perform sample analysis immediately after collection.

Procedure for Mo determination

Start program 315 Molybdenum LR to measure molybdenum in the range of 0.02-3.00mg/L Mo. Mix 20mL sample and Molybdenum 1 Reagent Powder Pillow in the mixing cylinder. Then close the cylinder and shake the content of the cylinder. Transfer 10mL of the pretreated sample in the sample cell. After that add 0.5 mL of Molybdenum 2 Reagent Solution and swirl to mix. After 2 minutes, fill another cell with 10mL of the pretreated sample to prepare the blank. Install the blank cell into the instrument and press ZERO. Remove the blank cell, insert the sample cell and select READ. See manual for additional information regarding sample analysis with colorimeter.

Summary of method

Molybdenum enters into reaction with indicator and sensitizing agent to form stable blue complex.

Brand Hach
Parameter Molybdenum
Measuring range 0.02-3.00mg/L Mo
Instrument All except DR820, DR2000 and DR3000
Method Ternary Complex method
Standard method 8169
Number of tests 100 tests

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