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2446600 Oxygen Scavenger Reagent Set, 3-450µg/L DEHA

2446600 Hach

Oxygen Scavenger Reagent Set is used for testing residual corrosion inhibitors (oxygen scavengers) in boiler feed water or condensate.

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Article 2446600 measures oxygen scavengers in boiler feed water and condensate. Oxygen Scavenger Reagent Set uses Iron Reduction method (8140). Each product package can be used to conduct evaluation of 100 samples. The product may be measured using all Hach spectrophotometers except DR820, DR850 and PC II.

Oxygen Scavenger Reagent Set includes:

Before starting analysis:

  • It is required to clean all labware with 6.0 N (50%) hydrochloric acid and rinse thoroughly with deionized water to remove iron contaminants.
  • It is recommended to collect the sample in clean, dry glass or plastic bottles with tight-fitting caps.
  • It is necessary to analyze the sample instantly after collection.
  • It is required to prevent the sample agitation or exposure to sunlight or air.

Procedure for determination of Oxygen Scavengers

Select the appropriate program. Fill the mixing bottle with 25mL of deionized water to prepare the blank. Fill another mixing bottle with 25mL of sample to prepare the sample. Add the content of DEHA Reagent 1 Powder Pillow to each mixing bottle and swirl to mix. Pipet 0.5mL of DEHA Reagent 2 Solution to each mixing bottle and swirl the content of each mixing bottle. Transfer the blank and the prepared sample into cells. Clean the blank cell, install into the cell holder and press ZERO. Clean the pretreated sample cell, insert in the instrument and select READ. Results show in µg/L of the selected oxygen scavenger.

Summary of method

DEHA or other oxygen scavengers in the sample enter into reaction with ferric iron in DEHA Reagent 2 Solution producing ferrous ion in the amount that is equivalent to the DEHA concentration. After that the solution enters into reaction with DEHA 1 Reagent that forms purple color with ferrous iron that is proportional to the concentration of the oxygen scavenger. The aforementioned method enters into reaction with all oxygen scavengers and does not differentiate if the sample contains more than one type of oxygen scavenger.

Please note: The samples cannot be preserved for later analysis.

Brand Hach
Parameter Oxygen Scavengers
Measuring range 3-450 µg/L DEHA
Measuring range (2): 5-600 µg/L carbohydrazide
Measuring range (3): 9-1000 µg/L hydroquinone
Measuring range (4): 13-1500 µg/L iso-ascorbic acid (ISA)
Measuring range (5): 15-1000 µg/L methylethyl ketoxime (MEKO)
Instrument All except DR820, DR850 and PC II
Method Iron Reduction method
Standard method 8140
Number of tests 100 tests

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