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2351749 Potassium Standard Solution, 100 mg/L

2351749 Hach

Potassium Standard Solution is required for Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) verification. Use this solution to get accurate testing results for laboratory and field analysis.

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Potassium Standard Solution is used for accuracy check of Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) in laboratory and field analysis. The solution has the following concentration: 100 mg/L ± 5 mg/L K⁺. The volume of the bottle: 500 mL. ISE Standard Solution is traceable to NIST standard reference materials. It is required to follow good care for quick and reliable ISE calibration. Potassium Calibration Solution is supplied in the sealed package to guarantee the shelf-life.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the solution at the following temperature: 10 °C - 25 °C. It is necessary to keep the solution in the place protected from light. After opening, the expiration date of the solution is 3 months.

Brand Hach
Parameter Potassium
Concentration 100 mg/L ± 5 mg/L K⁺
NIST traceable Yes
Quantity 500ml
Storage conditions 10 °C - 25 °C (protected from light)

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