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2243500 Nickel Reagent Set, 0.02-1.80 mg/L Ni

2243500 Hach

Nickel Reagent Set measures nickel in water, wastewater and seawater.

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Article 2243500 measures nickel 0.02-1.80 mg/L Ni in water, wastewater and seawater. Nickel Reagent Set uses Heptoxime method (8037). Each product package can be used to conduct analysis of 50 samples. The product may be measured using all Hach spectrophotometers except DR820 and PC II.

Nickel Reagent Set includes:

Before starting analysis:

  • It is recommended to collect the sample in glass or plastic bottles cleaned with 6 N (1:1) hydrochloric acid and rinsed with deionized water.
  • It is required to adjust the pH to 3-8 using 5 N sodium hydroxide solution.
  • It is necessary to measure the reagent blank value for each new reagent lot.

Procedure for Ni measurement

Start program 335 Nickel Heptoxime. Mix 300 mL of the sample and Nickel 1 Reagent Powder Pillow into 500mL separatory funnel. After 5 minutes, pour the content of Nickel 2 Reagent Powder Pillow in the funnel and invert a few times. After 5 minutes, add 10mL of chloroform, invert the content of the funnel, open the stopcock to release the pressure and after 5 minutes, drain the chloroform layer into sample cell. Repeat the last step two more times with 10mL of chloroform. After that fill another sample cell with 10mL of chloroform to prepare the blank. Clean the blank sample cell, insert in the spectrophotometers and select ZERO. Clean the pretreated sample cell, install in the instrument and press READ.

Summary of method

Nickel ion enters into reaction with heptoxime forming yellow complex that is extracted into chloroform, to concentrate the color and enable more sensitive determination. Chelating agents are added to the sample to overcome interferences caused by cobalt, copper and iron.

Brand Hach
Parameter Nickel
Measuring range 0.02-1.80 mg/L Ni
Instrument All except DR820 and PC II
Method Heptoxime method
Standard method 8037
Number of tests 50 tests

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