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2168042 DEHA Reagent 2 Solution

2168042 Hach

Reagent Solution is required for determination of oxygen scavengers in boiler feed water and condensate by the iron reduction method.

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DEHA Reagent 2 Solution is included in the Oxygen Scavenger Reagent Set (p/n 2446600) that measures oxygen scavengers in boiler feed water and condensate. The volume of each product bottle is 100 ml.

Sample preparation

It is required to keep the product in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to store the product away from combustible materials and metals.

Brand Hach
Parameter Oxygen Scavengers
Measuring range 3-450 µg/L DEHA
Measuring range (2): 5-600 µg/L carbohydrazide
Measuring range (3): 9-1000 µg/L hydroquinone
Measuring range (4): 13-1500 µg/L iso-ascorbic acid (ISA)
Measuring range (5): 15-1000 µg/L methylethyl ketoxime (MEKO)
Method Iron Reduction method
Standard method 8140
Number of tests 100 tests
Quantity 100ml

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