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2106769 Sulphate Reagent Powder Pillows, 2-70 mg/L SO₄

2106769 Hach

Measures sulphate in water, wastewater, seawater, brine solutions, produced waters and other liquids by SulfaVer 4 (turbidimetric) method.

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Article 2106769 measures sulphate in the range of 2-70 mg/L SO4 in water, wastewater and seawater. Each pack can be used for 100 tests. Sulphate Reagent Powder Pillows can be evaluated using all Hach spectrophotometers except DR2000, DR2010, DR3000 and DR4000.

Before you start take into account the following:

  • It is required to collect samples in clean glass or plastic containers.
  • It is necessary to increase the sample temperature to room temperature before evaluation.
  • It is recommended to calibrate the instrument and measure the reagent blank value for each new reagent lot.
  • It is required to filter turbid samples with filter paper and funnel.

Procedure for SO₄ determination

Select the appropriate method according to the range, sample size, scope and application specified in the table.

Method Range Sample size Scope and application
8051 2-70 mg/L SO₄ 10 mL Water, wastewater and seawater

2-70 mg/L SO₄

20-700 mg/L SO₄

200-7000 mg/L SO₄

10 mL

1.0 mL

0.1 mL

Brine solutions, produced waters and hydraulic fracturing waters

0-70 mg/L SO₄

0-700 mg/L SO₄

0-7000 mg/L SO₄

10 mL

1.0 mL

0.1 mL

Oil and gas field waters

Select program 680 Sulfate for sulphate 2-70 mg/L SO₄ determination in water, wastewater and seawater. Prepare the sample cell by mixing 10 mL sample and the content of SulfaVer 4 powder pillow in the cell. After that fill another cell with 10 mL sample to prepare the blank. Install the blank cell into the cell holder and press ZERO. Remove the blank cell, install the pretreated sample cell in the instrument and push READ. The measurement wavelength is 450 nm (for spectrophotometers) or 520 nm (for colorimeters). See manual for additional information regarding other methods.

Summary of method

Sulfate ions in the sample enter into reaction with barium in the SulfaVer 4 Reagent forming precipitate of barium sulfate. The amount of turbidity formed is proportional to the sulfate concentration.

Sample preparation

Store the collected sample at or below 6 °C (43 °F) for up to 28 days to preserve the sample for later analysis.

Brand Hach
Parameter Sulphate
Measuring range 2-70 mg/L SO₄
Instrument All except DR2000, DR2010, DR3000 and DR4000
Method SulfaVer 4 method
Standard method 8051
Number of tests 100 tests
Quantity 100/pk

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