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201002 Cyanide Test Kit, Model CYN-3

201002 Hach

For cyanide determination in metal-cleaning and electroplating baths, gas scrubber, gas works, coke ovens, and other chemical processes.

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Cyanide Test Set is used to analyze cyanide concentration in water samples. The set conducts cyanide determination in the range between 0 and 0.3 mg/L CN-. Model CYN-3 uses Color Disc/ Pyridine-Pyrazolone method. Cyanide Test Kit can be used for 100 cyanide tests. The smallest increment is 0.02 CN-. The kit features low-cost method using stepped color comparator.

Cyanide Test Set includes:

Procedure for CN- measurement

Before you start take into account the following:

  • The 20-minute reaction time in the test procedure applies to samples at 25 °C. For colder samples,  the waiting time should be more than 20 minutes. For warmer samples, it will less than 20 minutes accordingly. Make a color match when the prepared sample turns blue. If the sample is red or purple, wait until the sample becomes blue. If the reaction time is too long, the sample turns blue-green then color matching becomes impossible.
  • Distill the sample to evaluate total cyanide containing cyanide complexes.
  • Filter the sample through filter paper if the sample contains turbidity.

Testing procedure

Add 5 mL of sample into the first tube. Install the first tube into the left opening of the color comparator box. Mix the sample and HexaVer CDTA Reagent Powder Pillow in the bottle. Pour the content of CyaniVer 3 Cyanide Reagent Powder Pillow and swirl to mix. After 1 minute, add CyaniVer 4 Cyanide Reagent Powder Pillow and mix the content of the bottle. Instantly pour  CyaniVer 5 Cyanide Reagent Powder Pillow into the bottle and swirl to mix. After 20 minutes, the blue color appears if cyanide is present in the sample. Fill the second tube to the 5-mL line with the pretreated sample. Insert the second tube into the color comparator box, rotate the color disc and find the matching color. The testing results are displayed in mg/L in the scale window.

Brand Hach
Parameter Cyanide
Measuring range 0 - 0.3 mg/L CN-
Smallest Increments Steps 0.02
Method Color Disc/ Pyridine-Pyrazolone method
Model CYN-3
Number of tests 100 tests

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