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146500 Iron Color Disc Test Kit, Model IR-18A

146500 Hach

This kit measures iron (range 0.02 - 1 mg/L) in water samples using the simple color disc method and contains 100 tests.

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Iron Color Disc Test Set measures iron in the range of 0.02 - 1.00 mg/L Fe in water. Color Disc/1,10 Phenanthroline method is used to perform iron determination. Model IR-18A may be used for evaluation of 100 samples. The smallest increment is 0.02 mg/L Fe. Iron Color Disc Test Kit includes all reagents and apparatus in a durable carrying case for convenient transportation.

Iron Color Disc Test Set includes:

  • FerroVer® Iron Reagent Powder Pillows (p/n 85499)
  • Iron Color Disc, indoor light, 0-1 mg/L (p/n 9263600)
  • Iron Color Disc, outdoor light, 0-1 mg/L (p/n 9263900)
  • Color Comparator Box (p/n 173200)
  • Long-path Adapter (p/n 2412200)
  • 18 mm Plastic Viewing Tubes, with caps (p/n 4660004)

Procedure for Fe measurement

Before starting analysis:

  • It is required to place the color disc on the center pin in the color comparator box (numbers to the front).
  • It is recommended to use the indoor light color disc if the light source is fluorescent light.
  • It is necessary to use the outdoor light color disc if the light source is sunlight.
  • Samples with high levels of iron may give poor results. If high iron content is possible, dilute the sample. Use the diluted sample in the test procedure, then multiply the result by the dilution factor.

Testing procedure

Insert the long-path adapter in the color comparator box. Add sample up to the top line of the first tube. Place the first tube into the left opening of the color comparator box. Fill the second tube to the top line with sample. Pour the content of FerroVer Iron Reagent Powder Pillow, put the cap on the second tube and invert to mix. Wait 2 minutes and read the result within 5 minutes. An orange color appears as a result of the reaction. Install the second tube into the color comparator box and analyze the testing results.

Brand Hach
Parameter Iron
Measuring range 0.02 - 1.00 mg/L Fe
Smallest Increments Steps 0.02
Method Color Disc/ 1,10 Phenanthroline method
Model IR-18A
Type Single Metric
Number of tests 100 tests

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