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143203 Detergents Test Kit, Model DE-2

143203 Hach

Required for determination of detergents in surface water, ground water and natural water.

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Detergents Test Kit is required for determination of LAS (linear alkylate sulfonate) and ABS (alkyl benzene sulfonate) detergents in the range from 0 to 1.2 mg/L LAS or/and ABS in surface water, ground water and natural water. Model DE-2 uses Color Disc/ Toluidine blue-O Chloroform method. Detergents Test Set can be used for 32 tests. Achieve fast and accurate testing results with the low-cost color disc method.

Detergents Test Kit includes:

  • ACS Chloroform (p/n 1445849)
  • Detergents Reagent (p/n 105932)
  • Wash Water Buffer Solution (p/n 99949)
  • Color Comparator Box (p/n 173200)
  • Detergents Color Disc, 0-1.2 mg/L (p/n 9265700)
  • 177-mL Demineralizer Bottle (p/n 1429900)
  • Glass Dropper, 0.5- and 1.0-mL marks (p/n 1419705)
  • Filter Thimble (p/n 51200)
  • Glass Viewing Tubes, 5-mL and 20-mL marks (p/n 173606)
  • Glass Wool (p/n 252074)
  • Pipet Bulb (p/n 178600)
  • Stoppers for Viewing Tubes, No. 2 plastic (p/n 1448001)
  • 13 x 100 mm Test Tube (p/n 56510)
  • Transfer Pipet (p/n 221800)

Procedure for Detergent measurement

Before you start take into account the following:

  • It is required to use the value in the middle of the two segments if colors between two segments are matching.
  • It is recommended to filtrate the sample if it contains turbidity (for step by step instructions refer to the user manual which comes together with the kit).
  • It is necessary to dilute the sample if the testing results are more than the maximum limit.

Testing procedure

Fill the tube to the 20 mL line with the deionized water. Insert the tube into the left opening of the color comparator box. Add the collected sample into the second tube to the top line. Pipet 12 drops of Detergents Reagent, set the stopper on the second tube and shake to mix. Pour 5 mL of chloroform, put the stopper and shake the content of the second tube for 30 seconds. After one minute when 1 minute chloroform separated from the sample, remove the top water layer from the tube using the transfer pipet. Add Wash Water Buffer Solution to the top mark. Remove Wash Water Buffer including the remaining water sample using the transfer pipet. Pour 20 mL of Wash Water Buffer, install the stopper and shake the tube for 30 seconds.  Let the chloroform separate for one minute. After that filtrate the sample if it contains turbidity. Insert the second tube into the color comparator box. Keep the color comparator box in front of the light, rotate the color disc to find the matching color and analyze the testing results in mg/L in the scale window.

Brand Hach
Parameter Detergents
Measuring range 0-1.2 mg/L LAS and/or ABS
Method Color Disc/ Toluidine blue-O Chloroform method
Model DE-2
Number of tests 32 tests

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