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1400153 Potassium Iodide-Iodate Standard Solution

1400153 Hach

Standard solution, 1 liter bottle.

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Used for the determination of the following parameters:

  • Chlorine by Hypochlorite-Iodometric Method
  • Free, total and double sulfur dioxide in wine, Endpoint potentiometric titration with imposed current
  • Sulfite by Iodate-Iodide Buret Titration Method
  • Total acid number (TAN) by Potentiometric titration (according to ASTM D664)
Brand Hach
Parameter Sulphite, Hypochlorite, Sulfur Dioxide Free, Sulfur Dioxide Total, Sulfur Dioxide Double, Total Acid Number (TAN)
Method Iodate-Iodide Method
Number of tests 40-100 tests

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