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1261699 DithiVer Metals Reagent Powder Pillows

1261699 Hach

Use for determination of cadmium and lead in water and wastewater by Dithizone method.

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DithiVer Metals Reagent Powder Pillows is included in:

  • Cadmium Reagent Set (p/n 2242200) that measures cadmium in the range from 0.7 to 80.0 µg/L Cd (digestion is necessary to measure total cadmium determination)
  • Lead Reagent Set (p/n 2243100) that measures lead in the range between 3 and 300 µg/L Pb²+ 

Each package contains 100 Powder Pillows.

The DithiVer Metals Reagent is a stable powder form of dithizone. Cadmium / Lead ions in basic solution react with dithizone to form a pink to red cadmium(lead)-dithizonate complex, which is extracted with chloroform. The measurement wavelength is 515 nm.

Storage conditions

It is required to protect the product from moisture, heat and light. It is recommended to keep the product away from oxidizers and acids.

Brand Hach
Parameter Cadmium, Lead
Method Dithizone method
Number of tests 100 tests
Quantity 100/pk

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