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Purestream PS-1500 Ballast Water Treatment System

PS-1500 Atlantium Technologies

Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) performs innovative dose-control, real-time monitoring and sea water, fresh water and brackish water treatment.

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PS-1500 Ballast Water Treatment System provides chemical-free and reliable water treatment for ships. PS-1500 is equipped with two 20-micron filters that remove microorganisms and particles from the water flow. PS-1500 UV system provides protection against a wide range of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria in the harshest water conditions. Purestream system is manufactured to operate at the minimum retention time (≤ 24-hours) with the lowest UV transmittance (UVT) levels of 40%. Purestream system accommodates the flow rate of up to 1500 m³/hr. PS-100 Ballast Water Treatment System is equipped with three ballasts electrical cabinets. PS-1500 features user-friendly interface that delivers the required UV dose, controls the water flow and monitors the UV output of each UV lamp. Purestream One-Pass treatment is the only UV-based BWMS technology that treats the ballast water in a single pass, significantly reducing the overall energy consumption. PS-1500 Ballast Water Treatment System nominal energy consumption is 139 kW.

Purestream PS-1500 Ballast Water Treatment System includes:

  • Purestream UV unit
  • Filter
  • Main control cabinet
  • Ballast cabinet
  • CIP unit

Service & Support

IWA provides PS-1500 system maintenance in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Spare parts for PS-1500 Ballast Water Treatment System (such as UV lamps and filter elements) are available on our website.

Brand Atlantium Technologies
Capacity range (m³/h) ≤ 1500
Filter lenght (m) 0.73
Filter width (m) 0.72
Filter height (m) 1.28
Filter quantity 2
Filter weight (kg) 600
UV Unit lenght (m) 1.63
UV Unit width (m) 1.39
UV Unit height (m) 0.66
UV Unit weight (kg) 550
Ballasts Electrical Cabinet(s) lenght (m) 0.7
Ballasts Electrical Cabinet(s) width (m) 1.0
Ballasts Electrical Cabinet(s) height (m) 2.2
Ballasts Electrical Cabinet(s) quantity 3
Ballasts Electrical Cabinet(s) weight (kg) 320
Power Consumption Nominal (kW) 139
Total Weight (kg) 2710

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